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Grocery Shopping in Playa del Carmen

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

So your room comes with a full size kitchen and now you’re wondering about where to buy food… Well luckily for our guests there is Mega, which is a large grocery store that has everything you need from meats to produce,  juice and alcohol. You can walk there or take a taxi for around 25-30 pesos. For more fresh local fresh fruits and vegetables there is DAC, which is a restaurant/ produce shop located right next to Mega, on the north side of Constituyentes and 30th Ave.

If you are a member of Sams Club or have a City Club card, it’s a short taxi drive away just up the highway. At City Club on the weekends, there is someone at the entrance that will BBQ your food while you wait for a small tip.

If you’d rather not leave your room to go shopping, the hotel provides a shopping service for a small fee that will do your grocery shopping and stock your room for you.