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Google Map of Condo Hotel Playa del Carmen Properties

Using the new Google “Create Map” feature click on the following link to get a detailed location map of the Condo Hotel Playa del Carmen properties. Click this link: Google Map

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Group Vacations make for saving money

With the economy the way it is, people are planning vacations on a tighter budget.  They are more careful in spending their hard-earned money.  One way to get more vacation for less money is by traveling with others.  Whether it is a large group or just a few friends, you can save money by pooling your resources.

However, for all of the benefits, there can also be a downside in traveling with more people.  You have more personalities and more opinions and more people to please.  There is a way to plan a group vacation and make everyone happy and to come home with a few dollars left in your pocket.

The first thing in planning a group vacation is to have a meeting with everyone together.  Find out what everyone is expecting in this vacation.  Is it supposed to be relaxing or a lot of sightseeing?  Do they want to get away from it all or be in the center of everything?  It would be easiest to appoint one person to be the vacation planner and they can delegate tasks to others if they choose.  The planner needs to ask the questions and take notes for when they are making reservations later.

The vacation planner also needs to find out what everyone requires in accommodations, cost, what their budget is, any tourist attractions they want to see and anything else that is important to them on a vacation.  It’s at this stage that everyone must decide if their ideas are compatible with each other.  Not everyone can travel well together and you don’t want them to be unhappy during the trip.

Traveling with a group can be fun and save a lot of money but there are special considerations that must be thought of to make the vacation enjoyable for everyone.  If it is organized, it can become the preferred way to travel and provide a lot of great memories.

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